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Cortney Mitchell

2nd Base, Short Stop

Age: 16

Nickname: "Mitch", "Little One"

School: Ezell-Harding Christian School, Nashville, TN

Year completed: Sophomore

Interest: playing ball, roller-blading, water sports

1996 High School Best Offensive Player, Basketball (avg. 16 points/game)
1997 High School Freshman of the Year Award, Basketball
1998 High School All-District, All State Honorable Mention
1998 High School Leading Assist (Ezel-Harding)
1998 High School TSWA Softball All State

Years Softball Experience: 7

Softball Accomplishments:
1996 High School All District, All Region, All State
1996 High School Runner-Up, State Champions Class A
1996 High School Rookie of the Year, Ezell-Harding
1997 High School All District, All Region, All Mid-State, and All State
1997 High School State Champions
1997 ASA 16U Nationals (37th) (Nashville Steelers)
1997 ASA 16U Inman-Rose Champions, Columbia, TN (Steelers)
1997 ASA 16U Eastern Regionals, 3rd Place (Steelers)
1998 High School All District and District MVP
1998 High School All Region, All Mid-State, All State
1998 High School State Champions, Class A
1997 ASA 16U Inman Rose Tournament Champions (Nashville Steelers)
1997 ASA 16U South Atlantic Regional Tournament 3rd Place (Steelers)
1997 ASA 16U National Championships-Fresno, CA 37th Place (Steelers)