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Kristin Peck

3rd, Shortstop, 1st, Outfield

Age: 17



School: Smyrna High School, Smyrna, TN

Year Completed: Junior

Interest: Basketball, Volleyball, Church Activities, going out with friends

National Honor Society, 4.0 GPA, Perfect Attendance
Varsity Starter/Letter in Volleyball, Basketball, Softball as Fresh., Soph., and Jr.
1996,1998 High School Softball All-District
1996,1998 High School Softball All-District Tournament
1996-1998 High School Softball All Area 1st Team
1996 High School Softball District runner-up, 1998 3rd place
1998 High School Softball "Bulldog" Award (led team BA-.463, SB 20/21, FP .964)
1995-1996 High School Volleyball District Champions
1996-1997 High School Volleyball All District
1996-1997 High School Volleyball All Area
1996 High School Volleyball All Region
1997 High School Volleyball All Tournament
1997 High School Volleyball Team MVP
1997-1998 High School Basketball All Area
1997-1998 High School Basketball "Bulldog" Award
1998 High School Basketball Team MVP (Daily News Journal)
1998 High School Basketball All District, All Area
1998 High School Basketball Team "Bulldog" Award
1996-1998 Academic Award, 1998 Athletic Award
1998 High School TSWA Softball All State
Who’s Who Among American High School Students
Years Experience: 5 years baseball, 7 years fastpitch

Softball Accomplishments:
ASA 10U Nationals, Broken Arrow, OK (Memphis Covergirls)
ASA 12U Nationals, Memphis, TN (Host Team- Bartlett Classics)
NSA 12U National Champions, St. Louis, MO, (Nashville Cobras)
ASA 12U Nationals, Chattanooga, TN (Cobras)
ASA 14U Nationals (17th), Chattanooga, TN (Nashville Silver Bullets)
ASA 16U National Qualifier Champs, Rural Hill, NC (Silver Bullets)
ASA 16U Nationals (33rd), Chattanooga, TN (Silver Bullets)
ASA 16U Al Bishop Tourn. Champs, Hall of Fame Qualifier, Atlanta, GA (Bullets)
ASA 16U Hall of Fame Tournament (6th), Oklahoma City, OK (Bullets)
ASA 16U Nationals (32nd), Fresno, CA (Bullets)
NSA 16U World Series (9th), (Chattanooga, TN) (Bullets)